Fire on the Mountain

Living Art American put on an event called Fire on the Mountain. This was an amazing collaboration of artists: body painters, fire dancers, photographers, and videographers. The event was hosted at Single Tree in Danbury, North Carolina. The theme for the paint this year was tribal patterns and, as you can see, they nailed it! Please look at the blog posts about this for additional photographs..

“Fire on the Mountain” Participants
Scott Fray
Madelyn Greco
Dianna Canterbury
Chad Canterbury
Deborah R Beasley
Amanda Lewis-Evans
Molly Chopin
Alexa Eliana
Henna Moon
Sara Bloo
Tim Adams
Igor Peric
Frank Orthel
Bruce Burgess
Models/Fire Performers
Natali Gavanarova
Kat Booth (Tik-Tok)
Emma Dubin
Jack Regal
Lauren Shafto & Christian Castro
Iman Alia
Miriam Messer
Brian Gay
Brandy Valentine
Bandy Rand
Dylan Royale
Scott Dempsey
Scott Hinzman
Eli Fragile Turtle

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